20 maio 2012

Ten Trends to Watch in Journalism

“These trends are occurring at different speeds in different places, but I believe they are present, in one way or another, in newsrooms everywhere,” says Erik Bjerager, President of the World Editors Forum, who provides this overview:

  1. Newsrooms are increasingly outsourced. “Well-paid journalists in old media are frequently exchanged for free-lancers or external content companies with lower costs,” he says. “How this effects editorial integrity and the quality of journalism, we don’t really know yet. As editors, you have much less control over content produced by outside partners.”
  2. Two-speed journalism is now a reality.
  3. Breaking news is becoming digital. In this world, speed often trumps accuracy.
  4. Data journalism is accepted as a discipline.
  5. Infographics dominate print and web.
  6. The differences between print and broadcast have shrunk.
  7. More momentum from mobile.
  8. Social media enrich journalism.
  9. Ethics – going back to basics
  10. All-round newspapers are challenged online by big tabloids.

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